Join the Mothers of Sons campaign

Mothers of Sons (MOS) aims to change the public dialogue around coercive control, educating the community that this feminist campaign is a pernicious attack on men which will impose a massive strain on police and judicial resources without having any impact on domestic homicide.

We’ve allowed this outrage to happen. Now it is up to all of us to do what we can to ensure the feminist roll out doesn’t go smoothly.

We’ve listed below plenty of things you can do to help. Please commit to getting involved.

Promote our funny video

We launched our campaign with our wonderful video spoof designed for social media, which likens coercive control to a new cleaning product which women can use to get rid of men.

It is critical you help get the video out there, using all your social media contacts to help promote it. Here’s the link-

If you are involved in any men’s groups, please try to recruit them to come on board, using our video to draw attention to the new coercive control laws. 

The video includes a QR code to this website, given people access to our comprehensive information package explaining how the new coercive control laws came about and why they will be so dangerous for men. 

Scan QR code


Please donate to our fundraiser – here. We need funds to promote our campaign, including our video, on social media. Note – we are using a Christian fundraising platform because it is one of the few sites which doesn’t censor politically incorrect causes.

Circulate our flyers

We are holding a media event in Attorney General Mark Speakman’s electorate, at a pre-polling station just before the recent NSW election. Speakman was one of the driving forces pushing through coercive control laws in that state. MOS mothers will show the crowds our coercive control spray bottles, allowing people to pose for selfies with them. They can view the video using the QR code for our website, and the mums will give out flyers we’ve prepared to explain what our campaign is all about. 

Look at some of the great flyers prepared for the event. (These are available from the resources section for you to download and use at your own events. We’ll include the label for the spray bottle, which fits any Ajax Spray N’ Wipe bottle.)

We’d like you to approach your local men’s organisations, like Men’s Sheds, who can help circulate our flyers. The one prepared for male victims is designed for men’s toilets or similar places where many men pass through, explaining that men can be victims of coercive control and referring them to the MOS website for help. 

We want people all over Australia to contact their local men’s groups and try to encourage them to make this one of their projects, printing off the flyers and circulating them in the community. 

Briefing notes for meetings with politicians

We’d like you to make appointments to see your local state politicians and representatives from organisations promoting the new coercive control laws. They need to be told there’s huge community concern about these laws and you can help them understand that this is all a massive con job designed to target men. 

The notes run through the major issues we cover in our MOS documents, and refer you to the relevant sections for you to bone up prior to your meeting. They are not intended for use in emailing people. The draft letter, below, can be adapted for any approach you wish to make by email. First, here are the notes.    

Draft letter

We have a draft letter that you might like to adapt and send off to parliamentarians and other prominent people/organisations. 

This is most relevant for Tasmania which has already criminalised coercive control and NSW/Qld which have passed such legislation and are in the process of training police/judicial officers to weaponise the laws against men. Remember that most other states, particularly Victoria, currently only have coercive control as part of DV laws, rather than as criminal offences. You need to adapt your letters according to where you live and do try to personalize them.

Here’s the letter

Recruiting male victims

The best possible way of undermining the feminist campaign is to recruit men to present in police stations across the country with good evidence that they are victims of coercive control. Right now, only Tasmania has laws criminalizing coercive control but it is already part of domestic violence laws across the country. 

See our advice on helping male victims make complaints. If you know anyone in this situation, please alert them to this advice and perhaps offer to support them in going to the police.

Support for men who make complaints.

Please contact us if you would be willing to support men in your area who wish to complain to police, accompanying them to a police station and acting as a witness to what happens. It’s a big ask for men to do this on their own – they need support, and we also must keep records about how men are treated and then follow up with official comments.


Let us know if you are a trained professional willing to provide counselling and support for men dealing with these issues, either as victims or else facing false allegations. Fill in the volunteers form and don’t forget to tell us where you are located. 

Preparing men for the attack

We need you to spread the word about how men can defend themselves against coercive control charges. See our advice for men who are being falsely accused – here

Monitoring the roll out

Police and courts across Australia are soon to be trained to weaponize these new laws against men. Use your contacts to help us gather more information about exactly what they are being taught. 

Enlisting support from local lawyers

Many lawyers have spoken out about the dangers of these vague laws being used to send men to jail. If you have friends who are lawyers, encourage them to do the right thing and refuse to participate in this vicious misuse of our criminal law system to target men.

Contact organisations promoting coercive control laws

The usual virtue-signaling organisations and NGOs are already out there showing support for the new laws, to gain kudos from the women’s groups. Write to these organisations explaining they are aligning themselves with a feminist propaganda campaign designed to destroy men’s lives. You can adapt the draft letter for this purpose. 

Volunteer for our campaign.

If you are prepared to take an active role in helping us run this important campaign please fill in our MOS volunteer form, which asks you to give details of your location, background and experience. We will then contact you if we have specific roles for you. We know we have many people on our list who have volunteered over the last few years and hope all of you will come on board with this important new campaign.   


Here are all of the flyers and posters we have prepared for our campaign. These are available as downloadable files which you can use to print off your own A5 copies. Click on the image to download the file.

Male victim flyer

Basic warning flyer

Spray bottle Label

This is designed for a 76 x 183 cm banner. 

Folded flyer for NSW

(With Speakman)

This flyer is printed on A4, using landscape orientation, two-sided and short-edge binding, and then folded. The result is a four-page A5 booklet. 

Folded flyer for all states

(Without Speakman)   

This flyer is printed on A4, using landscape orientation, two-sided and short-edge binding, and then folded. The result is a four-page A5 booklet. 


This is designed for a 76 x 183 cm banner.

Plain banner for all states

NSW banner with Speakman

If you have an event where you will be able to use this material or have ideas about how to get it out into your community, contact us and we might be able to send copies out to you.  

We welcome your ideas and contributions regarding more material to help spread the important message about the dangerous coercive control laws.