Campus Sexual Assault

Australian universities have policies for investigating and adjudicating sexual assault. This means that students accused of this crime can face a committee of university administrators who have the authority to suspend their studies, withhold their degrees, or expel them from the university. Here’s an article which describes what’s happening in these kangaroo courts.

Campus Justice is a group of lawyers and other people concerned about the operation of these “kangaroo courts” which is actively involved in lobbying the government and raising public concern about the fact that universities persist in running these courts despite a Queensland Supreme Court decision last year declaring them to be illegal. 

Campus Justice also helps male students accused of sexual assault on campuses, providing legal advice and support. You can contact the group here.

Much of the advice listed above for dealing with sexual assault will be relevant to your son. This excellent American website Families Advocating for Campus Equity (FACE) has detailed advice both for parents and students dealing with this situation. It is an American website so not all of it applies to Australia, but students here must also deal with an unfair system which is biased towards “believe-the-victim” justice.