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Coercive control isn’t just a bad joke. It’s the latest weapon aimed at destroying men. Be warned, Australia. It’s coming soon to a police station near you.

False allegations have long been used by women to obtain violence orders to get men thrown out of their homes. But they need breaches to get him imprisoned.

What’s different about coercive control laws is they are criminal offences which makes it much easier to send convicted men to jail.

That’s what makes them so dangerous.

All about coercive control

Learn the true story of the coercive control con job, how new laws were rolled out worldwide targeting men. Click on the list below.

Men are just as likely to be victims.

The term “coercive control” was made up by an academic describing what he saw as patriarchal control of women.

That’s nonsense because emotionally abusive behaviour is just as common in women, as shown in official data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The key survey showed men and women are just as likely to perpetrate the patterns of  emotional abuse described as “coercive control”.

Coercive control

Experience of emotional abuse by partner

Women and men were just as likely to experience emotional abuse by a current or/and previous partner within the previous year (4.8% or 451500 women and  4.2% or 381200 men)

The 2016 Personal Safety Survey (PSS)

It can be truly frightening to be subject to this controlling behaviour and victims deserve help.  But it doesn’t assist victims to weaponize their situation as part of a gender war against men. 

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