About Us

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces.

MOS offers advice and support for other mothers and fights for fair treatment for all.

Our sons have fought mighty battles for justice in family, magistrates and other criminal courts that no longer offer men fair treatment.

Women need no evidence to make accusations of violence or sexual abuse that deprive men of their children, their homes, careers, and futures.

Some of us have spent our life savings protecting sons from false sexual assault allegations, paying a huge mental and financial toll to prove the charges had no substance.

Other sons are experiencing discrimination in the workplace or in educational institutions where advancement can be based on gender rather than merit. Some face #MeToo accusations, where unproven allegations can undermine a lifetime’s achievement and cause loss of career and reputation.

Some of our sons are victims, physically and emotionally abused by their partners – yet they are offered no protection or support and are often disbelieved.  

Mothers of Sons plans to make a difference by: 

  • gathering wisdom from mothers who have fought to protect their sons

  • sharing hard-won lessons learnt from these terrible experiences

  • using this website to share our stories and expose what is happening to men and boys in this country

  • allowing mothers whose sons are in trouble to use our private forums to learn from women who have fought similar battles

  • bringing together powerful women to fight for a fairer world for men and boys.