My son’s life was destroyed by false accusations

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces.

MOS offers advice and support for other mothers and fights for fair treatment for all.

We need to talk about false allegations.

Come to our historic conference on Restoring the Presumption of Innocence. August 31, in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

Learn the truth about how our justice system has been tilted to favour “victims”, denying accused men fair treatment under the law. 

  • Saturday 31 August 2024
  • 8:30am to 5pm
  • Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
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“My son was found not guilty but he will never recover from what happened to him”

– Debbie Garratt’s son was falsely accused of sexual contact with a child.

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“My granddaughter was murdered when her mother discovered the court had given custody to my son”

– Jo Thomson-Jones blames the Family Court for her granddaughter’s death

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“To see a son being accused of such violent and horrendous crimes is absolutely soul destroying for a mother.”

– Michelle Jones son was falsely accused of rape by Sarah Jane Parkinson

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“My son was run over and left for dead by his violent partner. A year later she has yet to be charged with causing his death, while I go to jail for reacting when her family torments me.”

– Faith Tkalac’s son, Jari Wise, was murdered by his ex-partner

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Coming soon to a police station near you…. Coercive Control!

Mothers share their sons' stories

Names and some details are disguised to protect from further false allegations and legal strife.


From the start she feared her son was being abused but that was nothing compared to the trouble that lay ahead when the couple

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84-year-old Maggie is being denied contact with her grandchildren, after years of protecting them from their drug-addicted mother.

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How a disturbed, drug-addicted woman hijacked the justice system using bizarre false allegations to deny her husband contact with his children.

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My son was taken in by the classic immigration scam – a one-night stand, pregnancy, false violence accusations and bingo, his child’s mother gained permanent residency.

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The night my sleeping son was beaten by his partner, the police refused to believe him, treated him as the aggressor and took him outside to ‘calm down’.

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Finally. It took seven years for our son to convince the Family Court that his children were at risk from their mentally-ill mother who’d threatened to kill them.

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When the rape accusations against my 18 year-old son Toby fell apart in court and he was found not guilty, there were tears in the eyes of female jurists.

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Michelle Jones

My son’s accuser Sarah Jane Parkinson is finally in prison, a long five years after trying to destroy my son using false allegations of rape and sexual assault.

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Jo Thomson-Jones

My three-year-old granddaughter Iyla was murdered when her mother was told by phone that the Family Court had given custody to my son.

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Janine writes of her sorrow at losing contact with two sets of grandchildren, when vindictive women became involved with her sons and broke ties to the extended family.

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When a stranger started harassing and stalking my son, the police believed the woman’s accusations leading to months of torment and considerable financial cost to my son.

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Faith Tkalac

My son was run over and left for dead by his violent partner. A year later she has yet to be charged with causing his death, but I am constantly being tormented by her family.

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As a grandmother, I was shocked to discover that AVOs are being used as an effective tool by some mothers to push fathers and grandparents out children’s lives.

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My son lost his reputation and access to his child when his wife was trained by domestic violence workers to make false allegations of violence and child sexual abuse.

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How to protect your son

Here, the MOS mothers share their lessons learnt, with vital advice for your sons on the following:

  • Family Law battles

  • Sexual assault accusations

  • Campus rape investigations

  • Choosing lawyers

  • Self-representing

  • Police

  • Defending against violence orders

  • Self-Care​






"As mothers we draw such enormous strength and courage from one another."

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