From the start she feared her son was being abused but that was nothing compared to the trouble that lay ahead when the couple


84-year-old Maggie is being denied contact with her grandchildren, after years of protecting them from their drug-addicted mother.


How a disturbed, drug-addicted woman hijacked the justice system using bizarre false allegations to deny her husband contact with his children.


My son was taken in by the classic immigration scam – a one-night stand, pregnancy, false violence accusations and bingo, his child’s mother gained permanent residency.


The night my sleeping son was beaten by his partner, the police refused to believe him, treated him as the aggressor and took him outside to ‘calm down’.


Finally. It took seven years for our son to convince the Family Court that his children were at risk from their mentally-ill mother who’d threatened to kill them.


When the rape accusations against my 18 year-old son Toby fell apart in court and he was found not guilty, there were tears in the eyes of female jurists.

Michelle Jones

My son’s accuser Sarah Jane Parkinson is finally in prison, a long five years after trying to destroy my son using false allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Jo Thomson-Jones

My three-year-old granddaughter Iyla was murdered when her mother was told by phone that the Family Court had given custody to my son.


Janine writes of her sorrow at losing contact with two sets of grandchildren, when vindictive women became involved with her sons and broke ties to the extended family.